Let's Talk About Process


If you're like me, you find yourself looking at someone’s polished work thinking “wow, how come their work is always so perfect?!”. Guess what? It’s not. You’re only seeing a curated version of their work. I’m here to tell you the truth. And the only piece of truth you have to remember is that every single piece of art/music/design/person ever created has gone through an ugly awkward phase. It’s a matter of pushing through the ugly to get to the good. That doesn’t mean that this particular piece you’re working on is going to be the most perfect thing ever created; but the next thing could be... or the next! Keep pushing.

What inspired me to post and write about this topic today was a post I saw this morning by an illustration I admire and respect deeply. It was a carousel of split-screen shots of her work in the sketch phase and the final piece. To me, her work has always been so perfect and polished as if she willed them into existence with a flick of a wand. But this morning seeing the side-by-side comparison , I realized that everyone’s work starts as a rough.

Remember: continue to progress, push forward and enjoy the process.